Sunday, 22 June 2008

Interesting blog bits

  1. Gavin Kennedy asks Is Homo Economicus a Sociopath?
  2. Foreign Policy gives Five Reasons to Love $4 Gas.
  3. Will Wilkinson asks Is Blog Traffic Inequality Evidence of Unfairness?
  4. An interview with Steven Pinker.
  5. Ross Kaminsky over at points out that Free trade is good for us. Don Boudreaux comments that
    Ross -- like many other pro-market friends -- does one thing that I refuse to do: call the anti-market, anti-trade, anti-individual-liberty crowd "liberals." They're not liberals; they're antediluvian reactionaries. I simply cannot bring myself to concede the noble term "liberal" to those people.
  6. has a column which asks Too young to leave the nest? The effects of school starting age.
    Do children do better if they start school later? Contrary to the great concerns of many parents, this column says that the age at which kids start school matters little.

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